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30 Mar 2011

Green bin deadline moved but what about slashed disabled travel?

So the Council have realised that asking people to respond to the letter about green bin collection charges in just 5 days is unreasonable - good!

But what about the thousands of disabled bus pass holders who, on Friday, will be losing free travel before 9.30?  Those letters hadn't even been sent as of Monday this week.  We have known for a while the OAP's free travel will revert to the national standard - free after 9.30 am and before 11pm weekdays but not so the disabled bus users and their travel companions.

Last night Labour group put forward a motion asking for consultaion on these changes before they are passed - this was rejected by the Tory-led Council. This means people will have just a day or so's notice before changes are made to their travel arrangements without being consulted.

I believe this first letter should have gone out months ago welcoming comment/complaint, warning of potential changes and giving people enough time to make other arrangements.

Not fair in the slightest.


  1. Did I miss the letter saying my over-60s bus pass is not valid before 0930?

  2. It would appear so. I quote 'no concessionary travel available to any concessionary pass holders (whether Reading Borough
    or any other English authority) before 9.30 am or after 11.00 pm when the journey starts in the Reading Borough area.
    There are no half fare concessions from 1 April 2011.'

  3. I heard somebody on the train to Guildford this morning complaining about the short notice to respond to the Green Bin letter.

    They know how to turn people aganist them!