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30 Sept 2011

What a week!

I was trying to think what to post about after such a busy week then it struck me - why not talk about the week I have had?  Being a councillor is a very varied role, one which I am really enjoying.  Not all weeks are like this one but it does give a good snapshot!

22 Sept 2011

Oxford Road NAG public meeting - open to all

The Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) meets on a regular basis and is attended by local residents groups, clubs, community teams, the neighbourhood policing team, Reading Borough Council officers and councillors.  I try to go as often as I can as it's a useful forum for sharing concerns and information.

The NAG has been running a residents survey over the last few months both on paper and online.  There will be a public meeting next Tuesday (27 September) 7.30-9 at Oxford Road Community School where they will announce the top three priorities identified by the survey. 

The NAG does a lot of work in the community, for example litter picking and tidying the Central pool carpark, working with the council and police about safety concerns in Kensington Park and a recent tidy up based around the YMCA.

Please do come along.

14 Sept 2011

We Need To Talk - Your Invitation

The council 'We Need To Talk' conversation is continuing, this time with a series of events throughout the town attended by the council and your local councillors.  There will be small group activities designed to identify the things that matter most to you and your community.

I will be attending the sessions at Battle Library:

29 September 7-9 pm &
30 September 1-3 pm

To book your place please call 0118 937 3787 or visit www.reading.gov.uk/letstalkevents

Here is the press release with further information on events all over Reading as you don't have to go to the event in your ward if it's not convenient:

9 Sept 2011

Battle on Thames?

No, I'm not suggesting we change the name of the ward to sound fancy, but it's easy to forget how close we are to the Thames in Battle ward.  The boys and I walked to feed the ducks during a brief dry day a week or so ago and it only took 20 minutes (at the pace of a 3 year old).  We had a lovely time, saw fishermen (and boys), ducks, swans, tiny fish and the preparations for the Reading Festival.

There will be a clean-up of the tow-path happening in October and they are looking for volunteers.  Here is the press release with information on how to get involved:

6 Sept 2011

Completely free disabled travel returns to Reading!

I wrote a post in March about the awful treatment of Readings disabled bus users who were notified they would no longer get free travel before 9.30 on the day the change came into force.  Naturally people were outraged, including many Battle residents I spoke to.

This time I am writing a happier post as around 5000 letters go out to disabled bus users and their travel companions to confirm free travel, in Reading, before 9.30 will be reinstated from September 19. 

3 Sept 2011

More resurfacing - Connaught and Cranbury Road

Cllr Chris Maskell has spent a long time pushing to get Connaught and Cranbury Roads resurfaced as you can see here.

We got confirmation yesterday: