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17 Dec 2014

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Barbados and Friends Assocation Independence Dinner & Dance

Catch up time!  It's been a bit busy on the lead up to Christmas but I have a bit of time so I am getting up to date.

On 22 November my husband and I had the pleasure to attend the Barbados and Friends Association (BAFA) Independence Dinner & Dance.  This event celebrated 48 years since Barbados gained independence. 

It was a great evening with wonderful entertainment from comedian Geoff Schumann and we were serenaded by the very talented Liberty Buckland.  It was also an honour to meet the Deputy High Commissioner for Barbados.  We were also made to feel very welcome by our host.

It was very interesting to hear all about BAFA and the work they do in Barbados and with our twinned town, Speightstown.  I look forward to supporting their initiatives in the future - especially those where they are supporting schools.  It would be nice to create a link with Reading and Barbados schools and give children the opportunity to learn about each others daily lives.

With my hosts and the Deputy High Commisioner - courtesy of the BAFA website.  Click this pic for more photos