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6 Apr 2011

Local elections less than a month away!

I remember last time this year well.  I was super busy in the run up to my election and wondering how the national mood would effect local results.

I am now wondering the same thing but this time the mood has changed, and it's not my turn to stand for election - phew!  There are a lot of people unhappy with the decisions made by both the Tory-led Government and the Tory-led council - green bins, disabled/oap concession removal, loss of free bulky waste collection for the elderly and those on benefits - the list goes on.

Chris Maskell, long running Battle councillor, is standing again - the list of candidates was announced today and can be viewed here.  He has worked so very hard for Battle ward over the years and will obviously be getting my vote!  Please visit his website at http://cllrchrismaskell.com/ for up to date information on what he's been up to.

In order to vote you must, of course, be registered.  Time is running out and you have until the 14 April.  Details of how to get registered can be found here.

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