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26 Apr 2011

Cllr Maskells committment to Battle & Reading Labours manifesto

As we head towards the local elections next week I thought I would share Cllr Chris Maskells committment to the residents of Battle ward and Reading Labours pledge to the people of Reading:

Labour will:

• Stand up for a cleaner Reading by making clean streets the Council’s priority.
• Radically re-organise the Council and its services to deliver savings and protect people in need.
• Use the Council’s watchdog powers to stand up for your NHS.
• Stand up for those least able to care for themselves
• Involve the public more effectively.
• Ensure that all voices in Reading are heard equally – not just those of the politicians and those who shout loudest.
• Create a New Local Partnership to stand up for Reading.
• Work with our partners to continue the regeneration of our town.
• Review the Green Bin fiasco.
• Maintain the Council’s committment to paying a living wage.

The full manifesto can be viewed here.

Cllr Maskell has a proven record of fighting hard for the people of Battle ward and will continue to do so.  Past editions of Into Battle, our long standing ward newsletter can be viewed here and past editions of Battle Councillors Reports can be viewed here.

They really do show how hard Cllr Maskell, alongside other Battle councillors, works for the people of Battle ward.

Vote for Cllr Chris Maskell on 5 May 2011!

20 Apr 2011

Dumb blondes? Let's not feed a stereotype.

As you can probably imagine I was quite surprised to see that I  was mentioned in a small article in the Reading Post discussing Cllr Daisy Bensons hair colour.  I am sure it was meant in jest but all it does is reinforce the stereotype that blondes are dumb.

I quote Cllr Benson, in an article where she said she wanted to shake of any notion of being a dumb blonde. 'I've been blonde for quite a while, but I can't remember when I first had highlights. I guess serious times call for serious measures, and politics is a serious business'.

Eh?  Politics is a serious business, representing the people of Reading is a serious business.  Hair colour isn't.

Changing the colour of your hair doesn't change your intellectual powers, how seriously you take your work or your abilities.  Hair dye isn't magic.  Isn't it time we dropped stereotypes based on appearance?

14 Apr 2011

Big changes to Reading town centre

On Monday there will be massive changes made to the way traffic flows around the town centre.  The council will have staff in town to help people with these changes and to direct them to their bus stop if it has been moved.  More information can be found here.

Information on the changes to bus stops can be found here.

Information on the changes to traffic flow can be found here.

6 Apr 2011

Local elections less than a month away!

I remember last time this year well.  I was super busy in the run up to my election and wondering how the national mood would effect local results.

I am now wondering the same thing but this time the mood has changed, and it's not my turn to stand for election - phew!  There are a lot of people unhappy with the decisions made by both the Tory-led Government and the Tory-led council - green bins, disabled/oap concession removal, loss of free bulky waste collection for the elderly and those on benefits - the list goes on.

Chris Maskell, long running Battle councillor, is standing again - the list of candidates was announced today and can be viewed here.  He has worked so very hard for Battle ward over the years and will obviously be getting my vote!  Please visit his website at http://cllrchrismaskell.com/ for up to date information on what he's been up to.

In order to vote you must, of course, be registered.  Time is running out and you have until the 14 April.  Details of how to get registered can be found here.