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6 Mar 2011

UPDATED: Join The Dots - Well, Double Yellow Lines

UPDATE  9 March 2011:  I have just been contacted by the council to confirm these lines will be repainted in the near future - excellent news.

I noticed this on one of my journeys with the pram and 3 year old.  The road in Gordon Place has been repaired but the double yellow lines have not been replaced.

There is a problem with people parking on the double yellow lines on this side of the road.  You can often see one or two cars parked here, sometimes more and this causes a problem when cars turn off the Oxford Road. They often have to stop as a car is approaching from the opposite direction and is in the middle of the road going past illegally parked cars.  This sometimes causes cars to be backed up onto the roundabout on the Oxford Road.  A more definite line may help and this problem has been reported.

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