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29 Jul 2011

The Oxford Road resurfacing starts!

Tomorrow will see the first sections of the Oxford Road resurfaced - the sections from Western Elms Avenue and Beresford Road and Grovelands Road to Norcot Junction.  These sections will be closed to through traffic but the buses will continue their normal routes.

On Monday the Oxford Road will be closed between Beresford Road and Grovelands Road for the main body of work.  The de-cluttering of Oxford Road will also be carried out.  Residents will still have access where possible.

19 Jul 2011

We Need To Talk

Today Reading Borough Council launched 'Difficult Times, Big Questions, We Need To Talk', a new parternship and conversation with residents.  Unlike previous consultations, we aren't asking for your views on a chosen list of topics, we are asking you for your views and concerns on anything you feel is important.  Every resident can share what is valuable to them, what they feel needs improving or changing.

I was at the launch at Battle library today.  I am usually at Rhymetime anyway so hanging around afterwards to hand out leaflets and talk to people was easy for me to do and very enjoyable.  I was joined by Cllr Chris Maskell.

Councillor Jon Hartley, Lead Councillor, Service Delivery and Improvement says:

'You can help us to transform the way the council operates, so it more effectively responds to your views and those of your community, and so that Reading remains a great place to live. 

In return, we promise that we will:
  • listen to what you say
  • publish what you tell us
  • provide feedback to you on what you have said
  • ensure your community’s views influence our decisions
  • and keep on talking to you as we go forward'

Leaflets will be available at council buildings open to the public and you may find them dropping through your door.  They can be returned to council buildings too.  You can also complete one of them online here.  It will only take a few minutes to complete and your views are important so please take the time to fill one in.

13 Jul 2011

Oxford Road to be resurfaced - but closed for 5 days

The Oxford Road, from West Reading bridge to Norcot roundabout, will be resurfaced this summer and at the same time improvements made to the layout of the road and pavements.  This is a great 'gain' for Oxford Road residents but it does come with some 'pain' because, for a full resurfacing to be completed, a large section of the Oxford Road will be closed for 5 days. 

12 Jul 2011

Live in the Oxford Road area? Please read on......

The Oxford Road Neighbourhood Action Group (NAG) is a group of local people, organisations, councillors and council officers working together to improve the Oxford Road Area, of which Battle ward is a part.

11 Jul 2011

Buying British

I always try and buy British.  I only buy British meat because we have such strict laws in this country.  I try and but British fruit and vegetables and focus on seasonal produce (although it can get a bit dull in winter).  I buy British bread and butter, use a British brand of skincare and the baby wears British made cloth nappies. 

I feel I am buying good quality if I am buying British.  I choose to buy British to support our farmers and manufacturers.  It's important that we try and grow as much of our own food as possible.  In the first instance it reduces the carbon footprint of things as they don't have far to travel it and it also means we are less reliant on other countries produce.   Buying British supports the economy and jobs.

Sometimes you have to buy from abroad - bananas, tea and coffee for example, and when that happens I try and buy Fair Trade so the farmers and producers get a fair deal.  Some of the ingredients of the skincare I use have been ethically sourced overseas because they simply don't grow in our climate.  I think it's important you make an informed decision when you buy things as your decision could have far bigger consequences than you realise.

5 Jul 2011

Happy Birthday NHS!

The NHS is 63 today.  I sincerely hope we have another 63 years of this wonderful service and many more after that.  I have used the NHS many times over the years - broken ankles, dodgy tonsils, two babies one of whom needed special care after arriving 2 months early.  It's not perfect but it saves lives and you never have to worry about being able to afford treatment.

I am very worried about what the NHS will look like after this Tory-led government have made the changes they feel are necessary, changes no-one voted for and very few people agree with.  Very worried indeed.