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19 Mar 2011

UPDATED: It's a sunny day so the fluff's on the line!

You must be thinking - eh?

Fluff is cloth nappy users speak for cloth nappies because they are cute, pretty and, sometimes, fluffy.  I have used cloth nappies for both my boys.  We decided to use cloth because we would save money, landfill space and help the environment.  This is what www.goreal.org.uk say about real nappies and the environment:

'Real nappies can be up to 40% better for the environment than disposables.  This was the finding from the 2008 update to the Environment Agency’s Life Cycle Analysis Report on nappies.  Unlike disposables, Real Nappies put parents in control of the impact they have on the environment, with the carbon savings directly related to how you choose to wash your Real Nappies.'

Reading Borough Council currently offer a £30 cashback scheme that you can read about here.  You can claim it once per child against the purchase of cloth nappies.

Real Nappy Week  is running from 16 - 22 May and I have asked the council if they intend to do anything to promote cloth nappies during this week and also to check if the cashback incentive will continue.

UPDATE:  Reading Borough Council have finally confirmed the cashback scheme will continue which is great news.  That, combined with real nappy week bargains, makes for  inexpensive cloth nappies!

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