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About Me

I am a Labour councillor for Battle Ward, Reading.

 I was first elected in May 2010 with 46% of the vote and re-elected in 2014 with 57%.

 I am lead councillor for Culture, Sport and Consumer Services.  I am also Chair of Art and Heritage forum and the Cultural Education Partnership. I am also a member of the Traffic Management Sub Committee.

I am the proud patron of Reading Pride and was patron of Reading 2016 Year of Culture.

As well as the above I have also been very involved with the primary school places issue, securing the £1.6 million developer contribution from the Battle Hospital site for residents, getting a continuous pedestrian/cycle path under the Cow Lane bridges, a new school in the Oxford Road east and, of course, lots of casework.

I am an active trade unionist and member of Unite.  I am a workplace rep as well as a member of the regional and national women's committees, regional committee and regional finance and insurance  committee.

I have lived in Reading, and Battle Ward, almost my entire life. I now live in the heart of the community I represent and I am enjoying being a councillor.

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