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8 Mar 2011

International Womens Day: What Can We Do?

The first International Womens Day was celebrated 100 years ago.  Society has changed a lot in that time.  Women have the vote and the right to equal pay but there is still a long way to go until we are truly equal.  We are moving towards equal pay but it has yet to be achieved.  Women working full-time in the UK are still paid on average 15.5% less per hour than men.   Women have the vote but are under-represented in local and national Government. 

Maybe it's the under-representation of women in Government which has led to us being badly effected by the recent emergency budget.  Only four of the 29 ministers allowed to attend Cabinet meetings are women. We have seen cuts to Child Benefit, Health in Pregnancy Grant and Surestart Maternity Grant to name a few. Support for children is being cut by £2.4bn. A further £560m cut from the Child Trust Fund.

What is clear is that women should not accept these cuts.  We should make our voices heard and stand up for our, and our childrens, rights and future.  Today you could pledge to attend the March for the Alternative in a few weeks time, you could contact your local MP or councillor about an issue that concerns you or you could sign a petition asking that services vital to you are protected. Do something on International Womens day because you can make a difference.

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