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28 Mar 2011

UPDATED: Green bin & bag charge? I'll do it myself thanks.

UPDATED 12 July 2011 - Great news - the Labour administration have indentified savings within the Council are are scrapping this stealth green tax.  I am going to be filling my green bags as I don't seem to be very good at making compost.......

It's safe to assume that those of you who have bought green bins and bags on the past have had your letters asking you to pay for their collection.  When I bought my green bag I got it because I thought free green waste collection was an excellent idea and so good for the environment.  I was never patient enough to make my own compost so it was an ideal solution.

Well, I have just spent the afternoon making a compost bin. £22.50 for bin collection and £7.50 for bag collection just seemed a bit of a waste of money to me when I could buy a compost bin for about £20-£25 pounds, save the collection fee and keep the compost. I have bought compost accelerator though because, although I have bought a compost bin, I still don't have that much patience.

If you don't want to pay for green bin/bag collection don't forget to ring 0800 834 035 to cancel your collection otherwise you will shortly be receiving an invoice.  I know there are other people out there not happy with this new charge and also not happy with the short notice given to avoid an invoice.  The call only takes a minute or so so you still have time.

UPDATE:  The Council have extended the deadline to refuse to pay for green bin/bag collection until 12 April which, considering letters only started dropping onto doormats at the end of last week, is a welcome move.  Read about it here.

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