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3 Mar 2011

Dog pooh problem?

There's nothing worse than getting into your house to find you have brought dog pooh in on your shoes/childs shoes/pram wheels/wheelchair.  You then have to clean this horrible mess and ensure your floors are safe for you and your family.

I was recently contacted by a concerned resident about the dog waste on the pavements leading up to Kensington Park.  There are dog waste bins in that area but clearly not enough to encourage the more irresponsible dog owners to clear up.  It also musn't be forgotten that allowing your dog to foul the pavement, and not clear up, is an offence.

A new dog waste bin has since been installed on Wilton Road near to Elm Lodge Avenue and the 'Beat Sweepers' clear up dog mess on a weekly basis.  If this is a problem where you live, please let me know.

You will be relieved to see I have not included a picture ;-)

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