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16 Aug 2013

Battle Street Surgeries: we come to you!

Tomorrow (17 August) we are holding a street surgery in Battle Ward.  Rather than come to us in Battle Library, you didsplay a card in your window and we come to you. 

The cards have gone through letter boxes in Sherwood Street, Alma Street and Dorset Street today.  If you would like one of your Battle councillors to call by, please pop the card in your window by 9.30 am tomorrow.  We will then call by between 10 am and 1 pm.

To save trees please keep hold of your card for future street surgeries.  I will let you know where we will be next, soon.  We will still be holding our monthly surgeries in Battle Library on the first Saturday of the month.  Dates are on the left.

2 Aug 2013

Bin bag mountains - a thing of the past....

People passing down the Oxford Road last year may remember large piles of bin bags piled up at the edge of the road.  It was wholly unacceptable and Battle ciuncillors took action asking for a solution to be found. See here: http://www.cllrsarahhacker.com/2012/04/from-cllr-and-candidate-gul-khan-oxford.html

A trial started last year where residents in the flats above the shops on the Oxford Road were given access to large communal bins to place their rubbish.  The council even installed marked off areas for the bins to be stored to help stop them cluttering the pavement.

The difference this has made has been remarkable and 'bin-bag mountains' are a thing of the past.  Battle councillors are always keen to find solutions to the problems faced by our residents.  If you have a 'mountain' to tackle, let us know and we'll do what we can to help.

Communal bin trial successful

Reading Borough Council Press Release

31 July 2013

Bin trial hailed a hit

The trial of communal bins on streets in the Oxford Road area has been such a success it’s being extended further afield.

The council installed five bins in the section of Oxford Road between Beresford Road and Valencia Road at the start of this year. A letter was sent to people living in the area encouraging them to put their household waste in the bins which are emptied each Saturday evening.

They have been successful in cutting the amount of illegally tipped domestic and trade waste in the area.

Now the council is looking to install more of the 1,100 litre communal bins in other parts of the Oxford Road area.

Liz Terry, Reading’s Lead Councillor for Neighbourhoods, said: “This is a great example of the council listening to local residents and businesses to find solutions to modern living in narrow and densely populated Victorian streets. I am pleased this initiative is going to be rolled out to other parts of the town. The people of Reading want to take pride in their neighbourhoods and the town as a whole and this is helping to do just that.”