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5 May 2012

Then everything returns to normal

Well the election is over, votes cast, Cllrs elected and things return to normality. 

This morning Cllr Khan and I had our monthly surgery (see box to the left for future dates).  A time to help residents with their concerns and chat about Thursday's results in between..

Tuesday we have our first group meeting, now with 26 Cllrs.  A time to sort out who is on what committee, forum, panel, outside body and group.  Group officers are elected.

Battle Cllrs have a few campaigns already in progress: 
  • opposing the proposed gaming centre on the Oxford Road(open 24 hours if they get permission), 
  • ensuring the problem with bin bag mountains is tackled on the Oxford Road
  • tackling fly-tipping,
  • asking some serious questions about the local primary schools allocation and admissions this year and in future years and supporting local parents
  • attending the Tesco appeal
  • working with the local Neighbourhood Action Group on their campaigns
  • making sure dumped trolleys get collected (and Iceland trolley is currently residing round the corner from my house.  A rare site this far away from the store).
  • getting potholes filled 
 We are planning a few different things this year so keep an eye out for when they are announced and do get in touch if you need assistance.

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