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30 May 2012

Oxford Rd gaming centre refused #rdg

Just back from planning and I am pleased to say the gaming centre on the Oxford Road was refused planning permission with a unanimous vote.  There were several local residents who spoke against the gaming centre as did a representative from Christian Community Action.  Cllr Khan and I spoke against the centre in our capacity as local residents and elected representatives.  People highlighted their concern that the centre would attract anti-social behaviour and was inappropriate in an area where young families live.

Cllr Maskell, who is on the planning committee, spoke about his concerns that, after many years of hard work from residents, the council, cllrs and police, the problems with drink, drugs, anti-social behaviour and prostitution would start creeping back if developments like the gaming centre were allowed.  He said the application was 'at the wrong time and in the wrong place'.

The refusal has to be based on policy and the following policy was one of the reasons for refusal: developments will be assessed to ensure that they 'create safe and accessible environments where crime and disorder or fear of crime does not undermine quality of life or community cohesion.'

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