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26 May 2012

Missing seeds and mildew

Well, what a slow start to the gardening year this has been.  After March's nice weather I planted loads of seeds, for myself and some for a local playgroup who will be selling the plants to raise money at the Oxford Road Fun Day.  I waited, and waited, then poked at the compost with the label, then waited some more. 

Over the past few weeks seedlings started to emerge but only those in my little growhouses.  Cue more poking about to discover all my peas had rotted and several courgette and bean seeds had vanished altogether.  Eaten?  I am now on my third sowing of peas and second of carrots.  Fingers crossed they grow.

Things have improved over the past fortnight and this glorious sunny weather has given things a much needed boost.  More veg has been planted for the playgroup and there should be a good number of plants for them to sell in just over a month. 

My garden is now full.  I have courgettes, a squash, french beans, runner beans, cabbages, carrots, loads of potatoes in bags, garlic, peas and my fruit.  I seem to have lost a blueberry to the bad weather though.  I also appear to have planted mangetout by accident and have nowhere to put them.  Tricky.

As well as my plants being at the fun day, Battle councillors will be there too.  More on that to follow.

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