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4 May 2012

Labour regain control of Reading Borough Council & Gul wins!

Finally home at 2.40 am this morning after the local election count which held excellent results for Reading Labour Party.

Cllr Gul Khan comfortably retained his seat with 54% of the vote:

Interestingly the Lib Dems dropped to fourth place, behind the Greens.  They also dropped to fourth in Abbey, Caversham, Church, Norcot, Park and Whitley and fifth in Kentwood and Thames.  They retained their seat in Tilehurst.  They lost Redlands and Katesgrove to Labour.

The Conservatives lost Church, Kentwood and Caversham to Labour.  For the full results please see here

We are now in majority control with 26 seats (+4), Conservatives 12 (-3), Lib Dems 4 (-2) and Greens 3 (+1).  Nationally Labour have made big gains as well.  A strong message to the Tory/Lib Dem Government that the cuts are hurting but not working?

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