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29 May 2012

Civic office move approved and the Conservatives

After a short Council meeting (I say short, these usually go on past 11pm) it has been agreed by Labour, Lib Dems and Greens to move the civic offices to Plaza West - the lowest cost option compared to staying where we are, or moving to RG2 (formerly Yell).

The Conservatives had an odd evening.  They tabled an amendment complaining that the Labour Group had made their decision public. They claimed it made tonights meeting pointless as there would be no meaningful debate and opportunity to change peoples' minds. They then went on to say, had we not made our decision public, they would have supported us by choosing Plaza West.  If they were supporting Plaza West, as we were, where would the debate be and whose minds were they changing?

They went on to abstain from one of the biggest, most far-reaching decisions the Council has made recently.  A decision on where we will provide services for the public, offices and a nursery for staff and democratic space for the Council for the next 25 years plus. It's hardly representing the people who voted for them.  Toys from prams?

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