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17 May 2012

Teddy Bears Picnic Rhymetime - yay!

After the huge success of the Christmas Rhymetime in the Hexagon, Reading Libraries are going to be running a summertime version.  I am so pleased as we really enjoyed the Christmas one.  It did involve me tearing across town from work and back again but it was worth it.  My youngest thought it was great.

It will be taking place on Wednesday 13th June at 10.30 near the bandstand.  Children, their carers and their teddies are invited along for about half an hour of songs and the chance to have a picnic (bring your own) in the lovely gardens.

Fingers crossed the weather is kind and I'll see you there!


  1. Hi
    Can anyone tell me the date of the 2012 Christmas Rhymetime?

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  3. It's Thursday 20 December and tickets are on sale now.