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8 Mar 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Women's World Day of Prayer

On Friday 6 March I attended two very different  events to celebrate women.  The first was the Women's World Day of Prayer at Abbey Baptist Church. This was an event that was taking place across the world and this year the service had been written by Christian women of the Bahamas and the theme was:

Jesus said to them: what have I done to you?

It was an very interesting service.  I am not a Christian but it gave me food for thought and many of the lessons were universal.

The women of the Bahamas had highlighted six concerns they had for the islands and during the service each was addressed and a wish given.  They were:

Poverty - Blessed
Domestic Violence - Blameless
Migrants - Accepted
Teenage Mothers - Included
HIV & Aids - Never Alone
Breast Cancer - Cured

We were also asked to write down a word or phrase demonstrating how we could express radical love. This is what I wrote because truly listening is very different to hearing:

It was a multi denominational, global event which made the day even more special.

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