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8 Mar 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Alternative Queen of Reading

This was the second event I attended on Friday 6 March.  I was delighted to be asked to judge the Alternative Queen of Reading.  I saw myself as a Darcey rather than a Craig although as one point I was nearly booed - whoops!

The Alternative queen is a celebration of all things female. Today is International Women's Day which is another day to celebrate all women have achieved but also to focus on the work we still have to do to achieve fairness and equality for women all around the globe.

There were six acts.

Penelope Porchette who shared her confessions of a serial dieter 'Under tall not overweight'.

Gog who was very funny and shared a song about the British habit of queuing - unless you're in a pub.

Nichole shared a poem about her life then a song called In The Garden which were both very moving.

Cassie Magnolia sang and danced about.

Alex Reindorp was the lady of the house.

Miss Pearl La Peach did a very glittery (and brave) burlesque act.

You can read more about them here.  The winnner was Gog and the runner up Cassie Magnolia.

It was a wonderful evening with many ukuleles and much laughter and fun all compered by Baroness Maria Von Hackemann.

Photo thanks to Richard McKenzie

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