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28 Mar 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Oxfam and the Henley Business School Certificate Presentation

As Alumna of the Year for the University of Reading I do try and attend as many events at the University as I can.  This engagement was on Tuesday 24 March.

Students of the Henley Business School, led by Dr Daniel Gozman, had been working with local Oxfam shops.  They had been using the skills they are learning to see if Oxfam could or should improve these three areas:

Customer loyalty:  should there be a customer loyalty scheme?  How would it work?  How would customers be rewarded?

E-commerce: How can the stores improve listing on the Oxfam web store?  What equipment would be needed?  How much space would be required and how should items be selected?

Crowd funding: How is this done? How can prizes be gathered?  What types of events should ther be?

The three groups of students made presentations to Oxfam, Jim Odell from Kemp Little Consulting, Jannah Patchay and independent consultant and Alex Furneaux from Capgemini.  They were then asked questions about their proposals before the studies were handed over to Oxfam.

You can read more about the event here:


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