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6 Mar 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Theatretrain - Perform It! Playathon

What an lovely way to spend a Sunday evening!  On Sunday 1 March I was invited to watch Theatretrain Reading's Perform It! Playathon.  It was an intriguing title and I was really looking forward to it.

I have a bit of a performing arts background and took ballet classes well into my late 20's.  I was also a ballet teacher until I had my eldest son.  I remember too well the nerves and excitement when waiting to go on stage.  The heat of the stage lighting and, in my case, the mild terror that accompanied a performance.

The young people who performed last Sunday hid this all very well.  I was treated to some wonderful performances.  There was singing, drama and dance but this wasn't any ordinary performance,  it took place as a live director show with instructions being received over the sound system from an unseen director.  The performers had to listen carefully and react to the instruction being given - very impressive!

There were many songs I recognised from popular musicals like Chicago, Les Miserable and Little Shop of Horrors, all sung very well.  The young people and staff involved should all be very proud of their performance.  They even managed to pursuede me to get my jazz hands out.

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