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17 Mar 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Reading Primary School's Music Festival

What a truly wonderful evening tonight was.  400 children from 17 Reading schools took part in a celebration of music and dance.  It was the 70th anniversary of the Reading Primary School's Music Festival (RPSMF) and the event was called 'Thank you for the music'.

It was a joy from beginning to end.  The voices of 400 children made a wonderful sound and it was great to see the songs signed by some children from The Avenue too.  There were also dances and solos performed by some very talented children.  We were also treated to a performance of 'Let it go' by Anne Fairbrother.

The following poem was written by Mya Darji who also read it out this evening:

A celebration of music

The celebration of music has evolved over many years,
It all started with the Medieval cheers.
This century brought us Rock 'n' Roll and Elvis,
Girls dropped to his knees watching his pelvis.

The beatles gave us a 60's vibe,
And the Bee gees kept disco Staying Alive.
In the 80's Pet Shop Boys about West End Girls,
And Prince wanted to shower them with diamonds and Pearls.

The 90's brought us Brit Pop.
With the Spice Girls, Blur and Take That,
But in the Noughties, Robbie sadly left and they went splat.
And in the Teenies, we saw their revival,
But that shows sharing good music
Is a fight for survival.

The schools who took part were: Caversham Park, Caversham Primary, Churchend, Emmer Green, E.P. Collier, Garland Junior, Hemdean House, Katesgrove, Manor, Meadow Park, Moorlands, Oxford Road, Park Lane, Redlands, St Annes, The Avenue and The Hil.

I was sad to hear this may have been the last of these events due to the difficulty getting volunteers.  I sincerely hope they can keep going and make it to their century!

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