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21 Mar 2015

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Ugadi Celebrations

Happy Ugadi!  Today is the new year for a few parts of central and southern India and I was invited along to join in the celebrations.

One of the things I love about Reading is the sheer number of different cultures we have. It's adds to the richness of life in the town.  Today I had the chance to meet members of the Telugu Association of Reading and Around (TARA) and I received a very warm welcome.

I was treated to some very tasty food, excellent singing and dancing and great company.  While I was there Mr Srinivasa Alluri was given a special recognition award for his work with Manavata and 3H - Healthy (food leads to), Happy (people and a more) & Harmonious (community).

TARA runs a lot of events throughout the year to educate children about their Telugu heritage which is rich in art, music, dance, language, poetry and family.  I do hope they are part of the Year of Culture in 2016.

A big thank you to everyone who made me feel so welcome and the organisers of this wonderful event.

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