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20 Oct 2012

Save Money On Your Energy Bills!

So the big energy companies are increasing their prices again.  That, combined with rising food costs because of the wet summer, means we are all facing increases in the cost of living.  It is starting to feel a little relentless as we also watch fuel prices go up as well and residents who are in the Thames Water region facing a price hike in water bills in the next couple of years too.

You can do something to ensure you are paying no more than you need to.

The Labour Party have launched Switch Together to help people club together to negotiate a cheaper deal on energy prices.

Reading Borough Council are taking part in 'Big Energy Saving Week' 22-29 October.  This is a national campaign to help people with their energy costs through energy saving advice and how to make sure you are getting the best energy deal.

You can also use the many price comparison websites.  One thing that won't save you money is doing nothing.

Cut Your Energy Bill in 'Big Energy Saving Week'

'Reading Borough Council Press Release

Residents struggling to cope with spiralling energy costs are being urged to take a few simple steps to help them slash their bills and put money back in their pockets.

Next week is 'Big Energy Week,' a national campaign co-ordinated by Citizens Advice and the Energy Saving Trust to raise awareness of the help available when managing energy costs and to give practical advice to households across the country on how to cut their fuel bills. Reading Borough Council is supporting its local Citizens Advice Bureau to help them make a real difference in the town.

A website has been set up - www.bigenergyweek.org.uk - where Reading residents can get advice on how to cut their fuel bills, helpful contact telephone numbers and links, as well as find out what's happening in the local area. During 'Big Energy Saving Week,' people in Reading can also visit their local Citizens Advice Bureau or the Central Library to pick up information on how to make energy savings.

Citizens Advice Chief Executive, Gillian Guy said: " More and more people are coming to us for advice on how to spend less on their fuel bills.. While we continue to help people on a daily basis with face to face and online advice - there is a real need to reach out to more people who are struggling and Big Energy Saving Week will be a chance for us to do just that."

'Big Energy Saving Week'   which runs from Monday October 22 to October 29 - is helping people save money on their bills by encouraging them to:
  • Insulate the walls and the loft of their home which could save on average around £120 per year. All suppliers are giving away free or discounted insulation   (people need to ask if they are eligible so as not to miss out.) This offer will end in December 2012 because of changes in Government policy.
  • Contact their supplier to check they are on the best tariff and payment method. Monthly direct debits are on average £100 cheaper per year than paying by cash or cheque.
  • Visit an accredited switching website to see if they can get their energy cheaper elsewhere. Residents may be able to save up to £200 off their annual bill by shopping around for a different supplier, particularly where residents have never changed energy company.
  • Contact Reading Citizens Advice Bureau who can help people who need advice on managing their money, particularly if they are struggling with fuel bills. You can call into the Reading Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) on Minster Street or call on 0845 071 6379. Reading CAB's Opening times are: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10.00 - 12.30 and every weekday from 13.00 - 16.00 .
  • Use the Citizens Advice online advice guide on www.adviceguide.org.uk where people can get practical and upto date information on a wide range of issues.
For its part, Reading Borough Council will again be launching its 'Winter Watch' project from December 1 this year. 'Winter Watch' offers targeted advice to vulnerable people on how to alleviate fuel poverty, raise awareness of the risks of low temperatures and high humidity in homes and encourage the take up of grants available for insulation and heating. More details of the Council's Winter Watch scheme will be released later in the year.

Paul Gittings, Reading Borough Council's Lead Member for Environment and sustainability, said: 'At a time when all of us are feeling the pinch, it is important for everyone to take some time to research what help is available locally. A few simple steps   such as shopping around for the best value supplier   can make a real difference to household budgets.''

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