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13 Oct 2012

NAG Public Meeting: Prostitution

Prostitution on the Oxford Road is still a  major concern for residents and for Battle councillors.  We have brought this up at the NAG and in scrutiny at the council.  We have been told the number of girls is increasing in part due to welfare reforms which is shocking and sad.  Help is being offered to streetworkers to help them move away from this kind of work and there are successes.

The Oxford Road NAG will be holding a further meeting for residents to discuss progress on Wednesday 17 October 2012 at Oxford Road Primary School from 7.30 - 8.30pm. At this meeting Jo Daley, Reading Borough Council’s (RBCs) anti-social behaviour (ASB) manager, will be providing an update on the feedback on diary sheets. The police will also be able to answer concerns raised by residents.
 Any residents who would like diary sheets sent to them can either contact Jo Anderson at RBC on 0118 937 4258 or they can use the contact us option on the Oxford Road NAG webpage, http://www.uknags.org.uk/

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