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25 Oct 2012

Do You Have 'Environment Fatigue'?

The environment has been important to me for as long as I can remember.  Aspects of my degree covered environmental impact and management and how environmental and agricultural issues interact and I have still remained interested in the scientific side of environmental new ever since.

I am a member of the Woodland Trust and was interested to read this blog by The Woodland Trust on how this government is failing to be 'The Greenest Government Ever' and how, during difficult financial times, people turn away from environmental issues:

'The report concludes that there is a combination of growing pressures from the recession and an increasing scepticism about environmental issues, particularly climate change – there is a rising sense of “environment fatigue”.'

I do what I can to mitigate my families impact on the environment including using cloth nappies, recycling all we can and using detergents that do not harm the aquatic environment.  The nappies are a big money saver but other eco-friendly products can be expensive and I can understand that, with food and fuel prices rising, economy in the household budget is vital.  It is in my household!

 In regard to scepticism about environmental issues, some are a 'no-brainer'.  We can't keep dumping our waste in holes in the ground - we will run out of space!  I am also pretty convinced the climate is changing.  The last few years have produced some frankly bizarre weather (see this article) and, right now, my daffodils seem to believe it's spring. 

I definitely don't have environment fatigue but is this the case with you?  Have your environmental priorities changed?  Are you sceptical about environmental issues?  Do you have environment fatigue?  I'd be interested to know how many others feel the same.

My daffodils, taken this morning.  It's not spring!

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