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27 Oct 2012

Fun at Fridayfest

I was very kindly invited to Fridayfest at the University of Readings Institute of Education yesterday.  It was a day full of arts activities for local primary aged children.  Geoffrey Field, Emmer Green and Katesgrove children were there.

I first visited the music session with Geoffrey Feild children and they were a very well behaved bunch.  They learned about rhythm and how to make sounds without instruments. 

The second session was puppet making with Katesgrove.  Another well behaved group with great imagination!  The puppets were made from newspapers and they had to 'breathe'.  Some of the puppets danced, sang and one swam!

I didn't get to see a session with Emmer Green.

Overall it was a great afternoon and the children clearly enjoyed themselves.  Many thanks for the invitation!

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