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21 Dec 2011

Walk away the Christmas excesses

Random post alert.  I was wondering what to blog about before Christmas.  Crime figures (good news as they are down), bin collection dates (available here) or about last nights Carols in the Community at Battle Library (which was great with a surprise presentation for Marjorie)?  I then glanced upon my latest Current Archaeology magazines and thought I would share some of my favourite winter walks with you all instead.

My family and I often go for a winter walk to blow away some of the Christmas cobwebs that set in after a few days of TV and Christmas food.  Last year we went to Uffington White Horse.  Took a while to get there and was very cold but offered stunning views.

The head of the horse
One of our favourite walks is Lardon Chase overlooking Goring.  It is a short drive outside Reading and again has great views over the Thames Valley.  We go to this one all year round as it's so easy.

One year we fulfilled my ambition to go to Wittenham Clumps.  I had seen them from afar on many journeys but had never actually 'found' them.  I always seemed to miss them.  I love learning about the ancient history of Britain so visiting a Bronze age hill fort was a worthwhile journey.

Another favourite from years ago is Calleva Atrebatum or Silchester.  We are yet to take the boys but I am sure they will love the ampitheatre as much as I did as a young girl.  I would love to go to the field school the University of Reading run each year and have a go at archaeology.

So far we haven't decided where we will go this year - suggestions welcome.

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