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18 Dec 2011

Carols for the Community

I am in the middle of watching Countryfile (love Countryfile) and they are examining Christmas and community.  They are suggesting the current period of austerity is making people want to come together as a community again for support, encouragement and some festive cheer.  The recent Let's Talk events highlighted Reading residents drive for community activities, especially the Town Hall event where residents had some wonderful ideas for local groups and activities. 

Once again Battle Library is hosting Carols for the Community on Tuesday 20 December at 6 pm.  It is a packed event and a great chance for local people to get together to celebrate Christmas or just have a good sing.  The Salvation Army brass band will be there again to add to the festive cheer and the excellent Reading Community Gospel Choir will be treating us to some carols.  Last year I did a reading which was a very special moment for me (and a surprise!).

There will be a sad note to this years event as Marjorie McClure is retiring at the end of the month so this will be the last service with her in charge.  She has made Battle Library into a fantastic community hub and will be sorely missed.

Picture pinched from Cllr Maskell

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