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15 Dec 2011

The problem of fly-tipping

Fly-tipped items this month

Fly-tipping is still a problem in Battle ward.  Here's how you can report it:

  • Contact one of your councillors.  You can contact us through councillor services here or directly here.
  • Call the council on 0800 626540.
  •  Complete this online form.
  • You can report litter and fly tipping problems by texting the Council GROT number 81722.
  • You can even report it via www.fixmystreet.com as the council is sent reports from this website.

If you have bulky waste you cannot remove yourself, the Council can remove it for a fee.  Complete this form to arrange collection.  Alternatively you can take it to Household Waste Recycling Centre or donate it to charity.

 For more information on fly-tipping from Reading Borough Council please see here.

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