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22 Feb 2011

Parking chaos outside Tesco: What can be done?

The Tesco development is now over 3 years old and, in the main, has been a positive influence on the surrounding area.  One of the problems that has come to light is the small carpark infront of Tesco.  It  has a one hour maximum stay and it is clear that this parking restriction is not being enforced leading to spaces being rare.  Other problems with this carpark include people parking where there aren't spaces (usually behind other cars or on the pavement at the front), misuse of the disabled spaces and traffic congestion caused by right turns in and out of the carpark.

Cllr Chris Maskell and I have asked the council enforce the parking restrictions and ensure illegal parking is stopped.  We have also asked that there be a study into the effect on the Oxford Road of traffic turning right into and out of the carpark.  The carpark is an excellent resource but needs to be used fairly and safely.

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  1. I think some small local shops shut when the Tesco opened. Also trees were cut down. So I dont think the Tesco is a positive development, I preferred the hospital.