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8 Feb 2011

Is fly-tipping getting worse?

I walk a fair bit around Battle ward - to and from the library, Tesco and my sons playgroup in the main and from these routes alone I have picked up five cases of fly-tippng in the last week:

  • A sofa at the bottom of Kensington Road
  • A sofa in the Kensington Road carpark.
  • A chair in Elm Lodge Avenue.
  • A whole divan bed and mattress on Gordon Place.
  • A whole heap of full binbags in the Kensington Road recycling point.
Some of the cost saving/money making measures likely to be introduced by the Tory-led council will mean the end of  concessions on bulky waste collection and an increase in charges for everyone else.  I can only see an already bad situation getting worse.

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