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16 Feb 2011

Good news: Kensington Road fly-tippers beware!

In my previous posts I have highlighted my concerns about fly-tipping at the Kensington Road recycling point.  I pass by on a regular basis when I pick my eldest up from playgroup and nearly everyday there was something new.  I contacted the council who have cleared away the mess and I also asked that something be done about this recurrent problem.

I was contacted today with some good news.  In the near future there will be signs going up reminding people what can be recycled in these recycling bins and that the dumping of any other rubbish is an offence.  Where the tippers have been identified there have been warning letters sent and, in one case, a fixed penalty notice was issued.  Reading Borough Council and the councillors of Battle ward will not tolerate this kind of anti-social behaviour.

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy reading your blog Sarah because you report on ward issues rather than just making party political points.

    Fly tipping and litter are real problems throughout the town so its good that some action is being taken.