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5 Oct 2014

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Sharad Ustav 2014 & Reading Schools Art Competition

As many of you know I am very supportive of the arts so I was delighted to be asked to present the prizes for the first Reading Schools Art Competition  this afternoon.  It was organised by the Bengali Cultural Society as part of Sharad Ustav, a four day event celebrating harvest festival.

The society was looking to involve the wider community in their celebrations so the Reading Schools Art Competition was devised.

After witnessing some wonderful singing and dancing I presented the following prizes:

Commendation: Autum Butterfly (bottom piece) by  Sonia Siddique, Reading College
3rd: Layered Culture by Saffia Amin, Highdown

2nd: Calcium Tubastraca Angeola Gao, Leighton Park

1st: Upcycle Dress with Free Stitching Maisy Inston, Bulmershe

The prizes were decided by Suzanne Stallard, Jenny Halstead, Ingrid Jensen and Prabhat Basu who are well know in Reading.  It must have been a hard task as the entries were of a very high standard.

Well done to everyone who oragnised this event.

So much fun and dancing!

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