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25 Oct 2014

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Reading Fibromyalgia Support Group - Anniversary!

On Thursday evening I attended the Reading Fibromyalgia Support Group's 1st anniversary celebration however it was all tea and cakes.

I am not sure how many people are aware of Fibromyalgia.  I am, as I know people who have the condition.  It is a painful and debilitating thing to have.  You have good days and bad days.  You have a range of symptoms that effect your ability to carry out your usual daily activities.  Until last year there was no support group in Reading but now the membership is 100 plus!

The event included a presentation by Dr Antoni CHan MBChB ERCP PhD on Fibromyalgia.  I found it very interesting and gave me a even greater understanding.  I did not know it is considered a disability. I did not know how it was diagnosed or how it is managed.  The group have a very useful information pack put together by Dr Deepak Ravindran.  You can read the information here and I recommend you do:

Fibromyalgia -All you need to know

There was a question an answer session at the end and I felt I had to ask whether this information was available to employers and trade unions.  Fibromyalgia can lead to time off work or reduced activity so I feel it is vital employers and trade unions understand the condition to prevent distressing sickness
disciplinaries.  I will be sharing the above document with my empoyer and trade union.

The group is run by Alice Gostomski.  They meet at Prospect Park Hospital 7.30pm-9pm and will be meeting on the following dates:

Thursday 18 December 2014
Thursday 22 January 2015
Thirsday 19 February 2015

You can find out further date and information by calling 07789708072 4pm-8pm weekdays or email reading.fibromyalgia@gmail.com.

With my excellent host Neil Stafford

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