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9 Oct 2014

Deputy Mayor Diaries : Caversham Bridge Newspaper 50th Anniversary

This evening event, on 3 October, was my second of the day and was a pleasure to attend. The room was filled with the many people who ensure the publication and delivery of the Caversham Bridge newspaper every month. I was sent a pdf of their 50th anniversary edition which you can see here.  It was a great read.

This newspaper was the brainchild of Canon John Grimwade who wanted to see the various Christian demoninations working together for the good of Caversham and it's residents. 

Many different people contribute to the content which is then edited by a team of 6 editors.  The copy is sent to the typesetters, then Newbury Weekly News who produce the plate and print the edition.

120 distributors make sure subscribers get their monthly 25p newspaper Everyone is a volunteer!

The cake was cut by Jim Pilgrim, who was secretary and treasurer, and with the paper since shortly after it began in 1964. 

Here's to another 50 years! 

Some past editions
Jim Pilgrim cutting the cake!

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