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29 Jul 2014

Hows does my allotment grow

Not badly actually. I am constantly surprised when something I planted grows and ends up being harvested. It's not that I'm a bad grower,  in fact my fingers are quite green,  it's just the science of it.  Tiny seed plus sun,  water, soil and is nutrients and voila!  Stuff you can eat!

I can't deny is hard work though. I've had the allotment just over a year now and it is nowhere near where I want it to be. I still have a lot of grass and bindweed to battle and paths to put in but it had been productive.

Another bonus is my boys have been enjoying their visits now they are no longer in danger of getting lost in the long grass or attacked by nettles or brambles. Today we enjoyed harvesting potatoes,  beetroot and a lovely courgette. We are looking forward to various beans,  tomatoes, more courgettes,  cabbages,  broccoli, swede,  leeks and hopefully a pumpkin. My mum is also looking forward to sprouts. I'm not. Yuck. 

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