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20 Jul 2014

5th Tilehurst Guides loan shark success!

The guiding movement is an impressive one.  I was a member of the 2nd Reading Guides.  They used to meet in St Georges church hall and I remember my time with them fondly.

I was invited to a special presenetation on Tuesday evening by Kim Jakubizsyn who is the leader of 5th Tilehurst Guides and who I have known for a long while through Southern Housing and the Oxford Road Fun Day.  It was all quite hush hush and I was there along with Cllr Paul Gittings, members of Reading Borough Council's trading standards team and a representative from Stop Loan Sharks.

We were actually there to present the guides and young leaders with these:

They had won the Stop Loan Sharks regional award for their Stop Loan Sharks challenge badge.  The girls had created a series of challenges and tasks to raise awareness of the dangers of using a loan shark which Rainbows, Brownies and Guides around the country can complete to achieve a challenge badge.  You can read more about the badge here: Challenge Badge

The girls were very pleased with their achievement and celebrated with cake.  I was also given my first Guiding badge in a few years!  I was told that the challenge is already being taken up by Guides around the country which is something Reading should be proud of.

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