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12 Jul 2014

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Naach Gana

By the end of this event my cheeks ached from smiling and I'd done a good 15 minute work-out.

Tonight I was at Naach Gana - an event run by the Indian Community Association to showcase the talents of Reading people as well as more international stars.

The first half was filled with children performing from the various after school clubs.  There were drama performances from the Enchanted Players Theatre Company, Indian classical dancing, Spanish guitar and singing.

The Indian Community Association of Bracknell did some outstanding Punjabi dancing as did the ICA Bhangra dancers and we were also treated to drumming from the Ministry of Dhol.

The second half was the big acts headlining with Kumar and Dhami from the Heera Group.  The beat was too much to resist and our host Raj got me to my feet to join in.

It was a wonderful evening and I would like to encourage as many people as possible to attend next year.  The Hexagon floor was bouncing as people filled the aisles and joined in.  Brilliant.

Apologies for some of the pics.  It was not the kind of event where people stood still!

My hosts and me.  I was made very welcome.

Some nof the tiny tots dancing

Indian classical dancing

The Indian Community Association of Bracknell

Kumar and Dhami of Heera Group

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