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4 Jul 2014

Deputy Mayor Diaries: Thames Valley Police Road Safety Drama Competition

Are you dying to text?  That was the last line in the powerful drama I watched this evening at the Thames Valley Police Road Safety Drama Competition showcase.  The play started with a funeral and was created to get across the message that texting while driving kills.  There has been an increase in passenger fatalities in the 15-21 age group which is why this topic was chosen.

The winning school was Hemdean House School who get a £500 prize for their drama department.  I was well acted by some of the girls from the school and told the sad tale of a young diver who killed her best friend through dangerous driving.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) have been running the drama competition for three years now, in partnership with Reading Borough Council (RBC).  Dave Thomas, the Safer School Officer at TVP, works with Chris Saunders from RBC to organise this competition.

A shocking number of people text while driving.  It's something I often see while waiting for the 17 bus!   I hope this competition goes some way to make people aware of the danger they are to themselves and others.

Dave Thomas and me

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