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20 Feb 2013

Gone Pothole Potty!

The recent wet and cold weather has played havoc with the road surfaces around Reading.  I first noticed a couple of deep potholes on Sherwood Street while on the school run.  They'd developed rather quickly but were now deep enough to be throwing out the big stones used under the tarmac.  I took a couple of pictures on my phone and reported them. 

I popped the pictures on my Facebook page as I like to keep residents up-to-date with what I am doing and this resulted resulted in a flurry of further pothole reports which I have passed to the Council.  Roads I have reported potholes in include:

  • Sherwood Street
  • Chester Street
  • Prospect Street
  • Kensington Road
  • Lorne Street
  • Gun Street & St Mary's Butts
Some have already been filled and some have been placed on the repair schedule.  If there is a pothole in your street that need attention let me know because the Council need to know about them to fix them!

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