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3 Feb 2013

Race For Life - What Have I Done?

Well, I've signed up for the Race for Life.  I've had too many family and friends touched by cancer to do nothing. 

If anyone remembers me from my days at Meadway Secondary school, they'll remember by complete disengagement with all PE apart from swimming and dance.  I hate running - I don't see the point unless I'm sprinting for a 17 bus but I like a challenge and the Race for Life will be just that!

I am going to start training soon and you'll probably see me huffing and puffing around the streets of Battle ward.  If you do see me, please say hello or shout some encouragement - I'll need it.

I have set myself the target to raise £100 but I would love to raise more for Cancer Research UK so if you can, please sponsor me.


I have a button top-left too that takes you to my fundraising page.  Anything you can spare will be appreciated.

I'll be running the morning race on Sunday 21 July at Prospect Park.


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