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5 Jun 2012

The Jubilee has finished, bring on half term!

It's been a nice few days.  We visited the Tilehurst Jubilee Festival in Prospect Park on Saturday which was great.  The boys enjoyed the music, animals and rides and I enjoyed tasting the chilli sauces for sale.  I even decorated the house with some flags to complement my Jubilee window box.

Yesterday we watched the Reading Community Carnival pass by with my Dad, Cllr Chris Maskell.  As usual, is was a joyous affair and the youngest bopped along to the music.

We now have 3 days left of half term and the Children's Festival will keep us entertained.  We are going to the Teddy Bears Picnic on Thursday afternoon which, judging by the weather forecast, will be held in the museum.  We will then head into town on Friday for Hullabaloo.  More information on the Children's Festival can be found here.

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