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15 Jun 2012

Continuous path for Cow Lane please

The current plans for cyclists and pedestrians to pass under the Cow Lane bridges is to have to cross over the road and change pavement sides to continue their journey from Portman Road.  Although the route for pedestrians and cyclists will be much improved from the current precarious situtation, having to cross the road is far from ideal. 

Battle councillors have been asking for a continuous path under the bridges and, at last nights Transport Management Advisory Panel, I asked that the council does everything in it's power to ensure there is a route for cyclists and pedestrians that does not require them to cross the road to continue their journey.

I was assured this is something they are looking into. I hope we get what we, and many other people, have been asking for.

On a slightly different note, here is a picture I took going over the bridges this week, showing the work that is going n above our heads!

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