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12 Jun 2012

Back from a course with some interesting questions

I have been in Manchester for the past 2 days on a course with my union, Unite.We got on to discussing class and I have come away with some serious food for thought.  Firstly, is class relevant anymore?  It is still referred to and most people will place themselves within a class when asked: working, middle or upper? 

It was clear that the old ways of defining class are no longer adequate.  Working people; those facing cuts to tax credits, erosion of their pensions and rights as workers, the granny tax, changes to disability allowance, forced acadamisation of their schools, cuts to their council services, are the people that need the representation of trade unions in the workplace and in the community.  What about those not in work who have a voice that needs to be heard? Both traditional working and middle classes fall into this group.

Although there were no answers what did become clear is that we all need to work together to protect each other and our rights.

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