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29 Jul 2011

The Oxford Road resurfacing starts!

Tomorrow will see the first sections of the Oxford Road resurfaced - the sections from Western Elms Avenue and Beresford Road and Grovelands Road to Norcot Junction.  These sections will be closed to through traffic but the buses will continue their normal routes.

On Monday the Oxford Road will be closed between Beresford Road and Grovelands Road for the main body of work.  The de-cluttering of Oxford Road will also be carried out.  Residents will still have access where possible.

Most people should be able to 'escape' via either Beresford Road and Portman Road or Tilehurst and Waverley Road although there are some areas where the only exit is onto the Oxford Road, namely the Sherwood Street/Alma Street/Chester Street/Dorset Street/ Gordon Place/Westbrook Road/ Fulmead Road/Thornton Mews area.  Further information on the closures can be found here.

Buse will also be diverted during this time.  Outbound of town they will turn down Beresford Road, go down Portman Road and continue their journeys from Norcot Roundabout.  Inbound buses will divert up Grovelands Road, along Tilehurst Road and down Western Elms Avenue before continuing their normal route.  Further information can be found here.

The information line during these closures is 01275 464 441.

You can also contact your Battle councillors. Contact information is here.

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