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19 Jul 2011

We Need To Talk

Today Reading Borough Council launched 'Difficult Times, Big Questions, We Need To Talk', a new parternship and conversation with residents.  Unlike previous consultations, we aren't asking for your views on a chosen list of topics, we are asking you for your views and concerns on anything you feel is important.  Every resident can share what is valuable to them, what they feel needs improving or changing.

I was at the launch at Battle library today.  I am usually at Rhymetime anyway so hanging around afterwards to hand out leaflets and talk to people was easy for me to do and very enjoyable.  I was joined by Cllr Chris Maskell.

Councillor Jon Hartley, Lead Councillor, Service Delivery and Improvement says:

'You can help us to transform the way the council operates, so it more effectively responds to your views and those of your community, and so that Reading remains a great place to live. 

In return, we promise that we will:
  • listen to what you say
  • publish what you tell us
  • provide feedback to you on what you have said
  • ensure your community’s views influence our decisions
  • and keep on talking to you as we go forward'

Leaflets will be available at council buildings open to the public and you may find them dropping through your door.  They can be returned to council buildings too.  You can also complete one of them online here.  It will only take a few minutes to complete and your views are important so please take the time to fill one in.

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