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9 Apr 2014

Road resurfacing for Battle!

Reading Borough Council have done an excellent job filling the hundreds of potholes all over Reading - at the last Traffic Management Sub-committee they reported having filled over 1200!

Sometimes this is not enough though and a whole road would benefit from resurfacing.  I know residents of Kensington Road and I have been asking for it to be resurfaced for a couple of year now and we have good news!!!

Below is a list of the roads in Battle due to be resurfaced this year - including Kensington Road!

Edinburgh Road
Kensington Road (from Oxford Road to Prince of Wales Avenue)
Wilton Road
Mason Street

We will also see phase one of the Oxford Road Corridor Study implemented in the summer which will include improved cycle facilitites, extended bus lanes and a rationalisation of the current road markings.

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